The Jordan Golf Federation and the Universal Civilizations Academy (UCA) are holding golf courses for elementary students at the academy, three days a week for 30 days.

The training course will take place at the Bisharat Golf Course under the direct supervision of national team golf coach, Amer Radi, assisted by members of the national team and the Public Security Department’s golf team, Asad Al-Rawashdeh, Mohammad Hani, and Anas Al-Omarein.

The initiative is part of ongoing cooperation between the federation and the academy in developing an athletic generation interested in golf. The girls and boys on the course undertook practical exercises for juniors and beginners using specialized equipment and received a simplified briefing on the history of the sport.

In remarks published on the federation’s website, Radi said these courses play an important role in unveiling young talent who have the potential to pursue the sport professionally, in addition to boosting the popularity of golf as a sport.

Amer explained that he will be scouting some of the more talented students on the course to provide them with further training.

UCA Director Emad Oddtallah said organizing athletic events for the academy’s students is part of its educational strategy, citing the school’s support for the age-old saying “A sound mind in a sound body”.