Saud Al-Shareef took the title at the 2021 Jordan Open golf tournament on Saturday, at Ayla golf club in Aqaba

The tournament saw its most Arab and international participation since it first launched 30 years ago. IN total, 83 players took part in the championship, representing Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Serbia, and Jordan, in addition to the individual participation of foreign nationalities.

The wrap-up ceremony was sponsored by board chairman of the commissioner of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, Nayef Al-Bakhiet, in the presence of the CEO of Ayla Oasis, Sahel Dudeen, and the head of Jordan Golf Federation, Hani Al-Abdallat, as well as members of the federation.

Egyptians dominated in the under 18 and under 14 age groups, while Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Italy each won men’s titles. However, there was intense competition from all the players, according to a statement from the Jordan Golf Federation.

In the NET competition for men, Saudi Abdelrahman Hussein won first place, followed by Jordanian Adam Tahan in second, and Yamen Qadan in third.
In the Steel Ford Competition, Lebanon’s Toni Abu Sarhal took first place, followed by Britain’s Brian Baker, and Lebanon’s Aabdelrahman Al-Hout in third place.

In the NET women’s competition, Italian luisa Sartor took first place, while Jordan’s Zainab Abu Al-Sameed took second.

The team manager Amer Radi, expressed his satisfaction with the results of the national team players and their places on the coronation stage among much more experienced players, saying that the team is headed in the right direction and that the near future is very promising for Jordanian golf. He pointed out that Majd Najada received Jordan’s first medal in the women’s category.

The Public Security Directorate provided substantial logistic and technical support for the championship.

The president of the federation, Abdallat, expressed his pride in the countries who participated in the championship, which began evolving considerably after its adoption into the world amateur rankings.

He extended his gratitude to everyone that helped make the championship happen, starting with the Jordanian Olympic Committee, Public Security Directorate, and Ayla Oasis, for putting all of their efforts into presenting the championship in a manner that fits the reputation of Jordan.

The results are as follows
Men’s category
– Saud Al-Shareef (Saudi Arabia), first place with 225 total strokes.
– Sultan Abdallah (Bahrain), second place with 229 strokes.
– Ahmad Rashed (Bahrain), third place with 231 strokes.

Under-18 category
– Mohammad Abu Al-Alla (Egypt), first place with 236 total strokes.
– Kameel bin Sauda (Morocco), second place with 240 strokes.
– Hamzeh Suliman (Jordan), third place with 243 strokes.

Under-14 category
– Taymour Rabee (Egypt), first place with 238 strokes.
– Rani Al-Taweel (Egypt), second place with 249 strokes.
– Mohammad Al-Rawashedeh (Jordan), with 260 strokes.

Women’s category
– Talia Sameh (Egypt), first place with 176 strokes.
– Hannen Mahmoud (Saudi Arabia), with 182 strokes.
– Majd Najada (Jordan), with 190 strokes.

The Jordanian Golf Federation and Ayla Oasis Development Corporation (an official sponsor) have finalized efforts to host the Jordan Open golf tournament.

The Jordanian Golf Federation and Ayla Oasis Development Corporation (an official sponsor) have finalized efforts to host the Jordan Open golf tournament.

In total, eleven countries have officially confirmed their participation; Lebanon, Qatar, Palestine, Oman, Serbia, Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. This number is likely to increase in the next few days, and includes international players living in Jordan, from Britain, Korea and Austria.

This year’s tournament is expected to be one of the strongest since it was launched more than 30 years ago. Sherjo Al-Kurd, who won the tournament’s two previous itinerations and is the first Jordanian to win the tournament, is not expected to participate.

He will be entering a training camp which will take place in Dubai at the end of this month, after which he will participate in two championships in Thailand.

The Ayla Oasis Club has completed all its preparations for hosting the championship, which has become accredited in the world amateur rankings and gives participants more points for taking part.

The federation President Hani Abdallat expressed his pleasure at the number of Arab and foreign players taking part in the Jordan Open and their desire to participate and experience playing on a world-class course.

He thanked all those who had contributed to the success of the program, both those from the Jordanian Olympic Committee and from all the organizing and training staff.

The national players participating in the tournament will start a training camp in the next few days. The manager of the championship, Ammer Radhi noted that the championship is a great opportunity for players to get to know other players of different nationalities and gain more confidence.

Sherjo Al-Kurdi 3rd in the Professional Championship (TB Tours)

Shergo Al- Kurdi the golden star and the Ambassador of Jordanian Golf achieved  third place in the professional championship (TB Tours). The championship took place in the city of London at Caversham Golf Club.
Al-Kurdi should have won the title, but he was unlucky in the last meters when he scored in the hole (17 & 18) two hits stronger than the range which made him lose the first title and placed him in 3rd place with a score of (71) giving up the title to the professional Englishman.
This tournament is the last game for Al-Kurdi before proceeding to the challenging competition of Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship which will take place at the end of next month with the participation of great players of Golf.
His trainer and father Mr. Musa Al-Kurdi stated that starting from tomorrow he will start training for this very important event and that Sherjo has a strong will to achieve the necessary qualifications for both the Masters and British Open  events.
Sherjo achieved  a historic score in the last version of the  Asia Pacific Tournament which took place in Singapore by qualifying as the first Arab player to reach the finals in the tournament.

Salman crowned champion of youth golf league

National junior team star Hamza Salman won the four edition of youth golf league, which concluded on Saturday evening at the Ayla Golf Course in Aqaba, while Salem Al-Abdallat took second place, followed by Mohammed Al-Rawashdeh in third.

Rising temperatures in Aqaba coincided with a close competition, which culminated on the second day with points too close to call until the final moments, when Rawashdeh lost his lead and fall back to third place, while Abdallat advanced to second place, and Hamza Salman came in first place to be crowned as the champion.

National team manager Amer Radi praised all players, expressing his full satisfaction with their performance in this cycle of the competition, and stressing that the high temperatures presented a new challenge for them to adapt to playing in all weather conditions.

Hamza Salman clinches junior golf championship

Junior National Team player Hamza Salman clinched the third Junior Golf League championship on Saturday evening at Ayla Oasis resort in Aqaba.

Salman clinched the title after scoring two points above average, achieving the best result in the history of the league, according to a statement from the Jordan Golf Federation.

Muhammad Asad Al-Rawashdeh came in second, while Salem Al-Abdullat placed third.

Rawashdeh now leads the league with 25 points, followed by Salma with 24 points, and Abdullat with 24 points. 

Yasmeen Zaher placed first in the women’s category, while Talen Jabji and Lilyian Fuad placed second and third respectively.

Players who recently clinched the Egyptian International Golf Championship were also honored.

The national team golf coach Amer Radi said that the league was in good shape in terms of strength and competition, adding that the general performance of players is developing.

Radi will soon disclose the names of players who will be participating in the main championship.

PSD golf team wins Independence Cup

On Friday, Jordan’s Public Security Directorate (PSD) team clinched the Golf Independence Cup in a game that concluded on Ayla Oasis’ golf course in Aqaba.

Golf juniors Asad Al-Rawashdeh, Anas Al-Omareen, and Muhammad Hani gave outstanding and balanced performances during the game and won against the Nashama team.

The public security team played a third round against Al-Rafedain club, and after scoring a victory, Hani Al-Abdullat was announced the head of the winning teams’ federation.

The Public Security Department provides generous support to players in various sports under the leadership of PSD’s director and major general Hussein Hawatmeh.

The PSD team was key to the success of the Junior Golf League, especially after it won the Egyptian International Golf Championship. The Junior Golf League has also qualified for an international golf championship, which will take place in Ireland.

Federation, UCA hold courses for students

The Jordan Golf Federation and the Universal Civilizations Academy (UCA) are holding golf courses for elementary students at the academy, three days a week for 30 days.

The training course will take place at the Bisharat Golf Course under the direct supervision of national team golf coach, Amer Radi, assisted by members of the national team and the Public Security Department’s golf team, Asad Al-Rawashdeh, Mohammad Hani, and Anas Al-Omarein.

The initiative is part of ongoing cooperation between the federation and the academy in developing an athletic generation interested in golf. The girls and boys on the course undertook practical exercises for juniors and beginners using specialized equipment and received a simplified briefing on the history of the sport.

In remarks published on the federation’s website, Radi said these courses play an important role in unveiling young talent who have the potential to pursue the sport professionally, in addition to boosting the popularity of golf as a sport.

Amer explained that he will be scouting some of the more talented students on the course to provide them with further training.

UCA Director Emad Oddtallah said organizing athletic events for the academy’s students is part of its educational strategy, citing the school’s support for the age-old saying “A sound mind in a sound body”.

الجولف وهيميتسو يطلقان مشروع أول دوري للمدارس

أطلق الاتحاد الأردني للجولف بالتعاون مع شركة (هيميتسو ) مشروع إقامة أول دوري جولف للمدارس وذلك عقب توقيعهم اتفاقية التعاون والتي أقيمت في مقر اللجنة الأولمبية الأردنية ووقعت من قبل رئيس الاتحاد هاني العبداللات ومدير شركة هيميتسو أحمد الصافي بحضور أعضاء الاتحاد والمدير الفني وكوادر الشركة ومندوب اللجنة.

وسيبدأ العمل في مشروع تدريب المدارس مطلع الشهر القادم لمدة عشرة أسابيع في المرحلة الأولى على أن يختتم البرنامج في أبريل_ نيسان المقبل بإقامة دوري للمدارس والذي يعتبر الأول من نوعه في الوطن العربي وسيكون بشكل دوري مع ازدياد عدد المدارس المشاركة لاحقا.

وأشار هاني العبداللات رئيس الاتحاد الأردني للجولف أن إقامة دوري جولف للمدارس من شأنه استهداف الشريحة الأهم والفئة العمرية المناسبة للبدء في تدريب الجولف مؤكدا أن الوصول للإنجاز الرياضي يلزمه البدء في سن مبكرة و عمل خطط مستقبلية مبنية على أسس علمية حديثة وهو ما يقوم به الاتحاد مقدما شكره للجنة الأولمبية الأردنية على دعمها لرياضة الجولف ولشركة هيميتسو بجميع كوادرها.اضافة الى شركة واحة ايلة للتطوير

وأشار أحمد الصافي مدير شركة هيمتسو أنهم مؤمنون بضرورة التعاون بين القطاع الخاص والاتحادات الرياضية وأنهم مستعدون للتعاون ودعم أسرة الاتحاد للنهوض في مشروع جولف المدارس معربا عن شكره لثقة الاتحاد بشركتهم في هذا المشروع الريادي.
وكان الاتحاد الدولي للجولف (R&A) قد ساهم في تقديم المعدات واللوازم المطلوبة لتدريب جولف المدارس وبشكل مجاني وذلك إيمانا منه بأهمية هذا المشروع والذي يطبق في كثير من دول أوروبا وقد زار الأردن في وقت سابق الخبير الألماني مارتن وستيفال وهو المسؤول عن تطوير الجولف حول العالم وأبدى إعجابه بأداء الجولف الأردنية وتطور مؤشر الإنجاز سواء في انتشار اللعبة وتوسيع القاعدة. او في النتائج المتحققة

مشاركة واسعة في بطولة “عيش الجولف”

ينظم الإتحاد الأردني للجولف ومدارس اكاديمية الحضارات العالمية (الراعي الرسمي)، منافسات النسخة الثانية من (عيش الجولف) والذي يقام خلال الفترة من 20-22 آب (أغسطس) الحالي على ملاعب واحة ايلة في مدينة العقبة، بمشاركة كوكبة من نجوم الرياضة والفن والاعلام، إضافىة الى شخصيات اردنية، ويهدف الاتحاد من هذا البرنامج الى زيادة نشر اللعبة وتعريف أبناء الوطن بهذه الرياضة والترويج السياحي لمدينة العقبة.
وأكد رئيس إتحاد الجولف هاني العبدلات، ان الإتحاد يسعى الى نشر اللعبة من خلال تكريم كوكبة من النجوم الإعلاميين والشخصيات الأردنية وتحفيزهم للتعرف على لعبة الجولف وتشجيع محبيهم والمتابعين لخوض التجربة وتسليط الضوء على رياضة الجولف.
ويسعى اتحاد الجولف من خلال هذا التجمع الى تشجيع النجوم على المشاركة في أجواء هذه الرياضة كنوع من التكريم لهم لابداعاتهم كل في مجاله، وتحفيز محبيهم لخوض هذه التجربة، حيث اكد رئيس الاتحاد هاني العبداللاتان هذا الحدث سيكون بشكل سنوي.
واشار رئيس الاتحاد ان هذه البطولة تأتي في ظروف توقفت فيها معظم الانشطة الرياضية، مؤكدا على التزام الجميع بكافة التوصيات الصادرة عن لجنة الاوبئة، من خلال التباعد الاجتماعي واستخدام البروتوكول الصحي، مؤكدا اعتزاز اسرة الاتحاد بجميع نشامى الأردن والذين كانو خير سفراء للاردن في مجالاتهم، مشيرا الى توسيع رقعة المشاركين في النسخة القادمة، وستكون باضافات على الصعيد العربي والعالمي، مقدما شكره لأكاديمية الحضارات العالمية لايمانها بأهمية دعم هذا الحدث المميز والذي سينعكس إيجابيا على رياضة الجولف والسياحة الداخلية.
من جانبه، اكد المدير العام لمدارس أكاديمية الحضارات العالمية الدكتور عماد عودة الله، الى ان دعم الأنشطة الرياضية هوجزء من الاستراتيجية، وذلك ايمانا من اهمية الرياضة في بناء وتطوير الحالة البدنية والذهنية، والتركيز والذي يساهم في تطوير القدرات الذهنية للطلبة، وقد شكلت مدارس اكاديمية الحضارات العالمية بفروعها فريقين للجولف في وقت سابق، وسيتم مواصلة توجيه الدعم لفرق الاكاديمية.
واكد الدكتور عماد عودة الله ان دعم المدارس للحدث يأتي وفق رؤيتهم في تقديم الدعم المجتمعي، وان الرياضة الأردنية تحتاج من الجميع الوقوف خلفها، نظرا لامتلاكها مواهب وخامات رياضية واعدة تستطيع الوصول الى العالمية، اذا توفر لها الدعم المناسب، مقدما شكره للجنة الأولمبية والنجوم المشاركة وشركة واحة ايلة وشركة بوم ميديا لوقوفها خلف إنجاح هذا الحدث المميز.
وقدمت شركة واحة ايلة للتطوير كافة التسهيلات اللازمة ومن خلال تجهيز الملاعب والكوادر الفنية وتقديم برنامج ترفيهي للمشاركين من خلال فتح أبواب مضمار التحدي (RISE) والذي يشمل فعاليات التسلق والتزحلق الطويل وملعب جولف مصغر.