On Friday, Jordan’s Public Security Directorate (PSD) team clinched the Golf Independence Cup in a game that concluded on Ayla Oasis’ golf course in Aqaba.

Golf juniors Asad Al-Rawashdeh, Anas Al-Omareen, and Muhammad Hani gave outstanding and balanced performances during the game and won against the Nashama team.

The public security team played a third round against Al-Rafedain club, and after scoring a victory, Hani Al-Abdullat was announced the head of the winning teams’ federation.

The Public Security Department provides generous support to players in various sports under the leadership of PSD’s director and major general Hussein Hawatmeh.

The PSD team was key to the success of the Junior Golf League, especially after it won the Egyptian International Golf Championship. The Junior Golf League has also qualified for an international golf championship, which will take place in Ireland.