The tournament saw its most Arab and international participation since it first launched 30 years ago. IN total, 83 players took part in the championship, representing Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Serbia, and Jordan, in addition to the individual participation of foreign nationalities.

The wrap-up ceremony was sponsored by board chairman of the commissioner of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, Nayef Al-Bakhiet, in the presence of the CEO of Ayla Oasis, Sahel Dudeen, and the head of Jordan Golf Federation, Hani Al-Abdallat, as well as members of the federation.

Egyptians dominated in the under 18 and under 14 age groups, while Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Italy each won men’s titles. However, there was intense competition from all the players, according to a statement from the Jordan Golf Federation.

In the NET competition for men, Saudi Abdelrahman Hussein won first place, followed by Jordanian Adam Tahan in second, and Yamen Qadan in third.
In the Steel Ford Competition, Lebanon’s Toni Abu Sarhal took first place, followed by Britain’s Brian Baker, and Lebanon’s Aabdelrahman Al-Hout in third place.

In the NET women’s competition, Italian luisa Sartor took first place, while Jordan’s Zainab Abu Al-Sameed took second.

The team manager Amer Radi, expressed his satisfaction with the results of the national team players and their places on the coronation stage among much more experienced players, saying that the team is headed in the right direction and that the near future is very promising for Jordanian golf. He pointed out that Majd Najada received Jordan’s first medal in the women’s category.

The Public Security Directorate provided substantial logistic and technical support for the championship.

The president of the federation, Abdallat, expressed his pride in the countries who participated in the championship, which began evolving considerably after its adoption into the world amateur rankings.

He extended his gratitude to everyone that helped make the championship happen, starting with the Jordanian Olympic Committee, Public Security Directorate, and Ayla Oasis, for putting all of their efforts into presenting the championship in a manner that fits the reputation of Jordan.

The results are as follows
Men’s category
– Saud Al-Shareef (Saudi Arabia), first place with 225 total strokes.
– Sultan Abdallah (Bahrain), second place with 229 strokes.
– Ahmad Rashed (Bahrain), third place with 231 strokes.

Under-18 category
– Mohammad Abu Al-Alla (Egypt), first place with 236 total strokes.
– Kameel bin Sauda (Morocco), second place with 240 strokes.
– Hamzeh Suliman (Jordan), third place with 243 strokes.

Under-14 category
– Taymour Rabee (Egypt), first place with 238 strokes.
– Rani Al-Taweel (Egypt), second place with 249 strokes.
– Mohammad Al-Rawashedeh (Jordan), with 260 strokes.

Women’s category
– Talia Sameh (Egypt), first place with 176 strokes.
– Hannen Mahmoud (Saudi Arabia), with 182 strokes.
– Majd Najada (Jordan), with 190 strokes.